"We did not want Screepaw to die! But there was thunder and lightning and one of us might have died!"
— Webstream to Moonpaw in Hidden Prophecies, Chapter 3

Current: SapphireClan[1]
Warrior: Webstream[2]
Apprentice(s): Screech[3]
Living: Hidden Prophecies

Webstream is a gray tabby with an unknown gender.[4] He/she is a warrior of SapphireClan in Hidden Prophecies, and mentor to major character Screepaw.


Hidden PropheciesEdit

When Screepaw gets trapped underneath a tree in a storm, Moonpaw is the only one who will go with Tranquilpaw to help him as the other cats in SapphireClan are too scared. Screepaw dies, but Moonpaw brings him back to life with her powers. When the three cats return to camp, the other cats are very relieved to see them okay. Moonpaw, however, is angry at them for not coming to help Screepaw. Thunderingbreeze asks the three to forgive them, as they are not as brave as them. Webstream, Screepaw's mentor, agrees, saying that they did not want Screepaw to die, but since there was thunder and lightning one of them might have died.

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