"He thought [the cat Tranquildream liked] must have been someone like Braveheart or Talonclaw – they were great warriors who any she-cat would love!"
Gaysparkle's thoughts on Talonclaw in Hidden Prophecies, Chapter 9

Current: SapphireClan[1]
Warrior: Talonclaw[2]
Apprentice(s): Risepaw[3]
Living: Hidden Prophecies

Talonclaw is a dark tabby tom with gray eyes and long, sharp claws.[4] He is a warrior of SapphireClan in Hidden Prophecies.


Hidden PropheciesEdit

Talonclaw is first mentioned by Sparklefur when she tells Vanillastar she smelled RubyClan while out on patrol with him.
Later, when the DiamondClan leader, Nebulastar, comes to the SapphireClan camp to ask for help in fighting off RubyClan, Talonclaw is one of the warriors Moonpaw brings with her to help.
When Vanillastar is deciding which cats to take to the gathering at the Glitterstones, Talonclaw is one of the warriors he chooses.
When Goldenmask's and Mysteryheart's kits are apprenticed, Talonclaw is chosen by Vanillastar to mentor Risepaw.
At another gathering, when Gaysparkle is consoling Tranquildream over the death of Screepaw, she mentions that she thinks she is beginning to like another cat. Gaysparkle thinks the cat is someone like Braveheart or Talonclaw, as he believes they are brave warriors that any she-cat would love.

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