Starkit's Prophecy is a fic by xdark.rosesx. it was removed from, but thanks to a mysterious user, you can read it here! However, this is not the full story, but the full version can be found elsewhere.

It also has a sequel, titled Starkit's Prophecy 2: The Two Siblings.

Plotline Edit

The whole fic is about Stargleam, a warrior of ThunderClan. Her parents are Dawnsparkle, a former ShadowClan warrior, and Jayfeather. She becomes the apprentice of Firestar, and becomes a warrior after only 3.14 days. In those 3 days, she fought the ShadowClan leader, Blackstar, and won.

There is a prophecy, too, saying "Stars will rise to rid of the evil Tiger and Holly" (generally).

Otherwise, there is no other official plot.

Characters Edit

The story mostly focuses on Stargleam, a shecat with purple and blue fur that has a star on her head and eyes that change between orange and rainbow. She brings Christianity to the cats because StarClan says it would be the only way to fight off the prophecy.

Hollyleaf also appears, and she is a shapeshifter. She has changed into a bear, a bobcat and a lynx.

Tigerstar appears as well, only being there to mislead about the prophecy. Also, he is paired with Hollyleaf.

Other stuff/quotes Edit

Stargleam is asked by StarClan to present the Clans with the "Ten Commandments". These are:

"1. thou shat not belive in other goIncesters

2. Dont make any picturs of anyhing and warhip them. If ou do ai will punsch you an ur grankits.

4. don't say Starcclan in vane.

5. Work for 6 days and worshipe me on 1.

6. Repsect our mom and dad.

7. Dont kill otters unless in batl.e

8. don't br unfateful to our mat.

9/ Dotn steel things from he other cland.

10. Dnt lie aboot yiour nieborgh.

10. Don't be jelos og your neiborgh.

11. No BENG GAY!"

Number 6 is broken by only Stargleam, due to her being "the Chosen One". The cats involved are Firestar, Graystripe, Blackstar, Hawkfrost, and Ashfur. Her final mate is Jazzsong.

The last one, however, is later removed. This is due to Stargleam and Jazzsong falling in love and having kits, although both are both females (As well as Jazzsong pointing out that it would be impossible)

The prophecy, instead of being about Tigerstar and Hollyleaf, is about her son Tigerkit and Hollyleaf.

Stargleam dies multiple times and is revived. Without explanation.

The author is redundant in repeating several phrases in several sentences.

Everything else that is totally wrong with this fic can be found here.

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