Current: RubyClan[1]
Leader: Rainbowstar[2]
Living: Hidden Prophecies
Ruby Ghosts

Rainbowstar is a black tom with red paws.[3] He is the leader of RubyClan in Hidden Prophecies and Ruby Ghosts.


Hidden PropheciesEdit

Rainbowstar announces at the gathering that RubyClan is doing fine, except for the fact that SapphireClan beat them in a fight. He explains that their medicine cat (Almondfeather) is helping the cats who were hurt in the fight.
At a later gathering Rainbowstar reports that prey is looking good and that one of RubyClan's queens, Reflectionsoul, has given birth to two kits named Vengeancekit and Saltkit.

Ruby GhostsEdit

When Ghostpaw, Fallenpaw, and Sorrowpaw come rushing into the RubyClan camp terrified, Rainbowstar walks up to them and asks them what's wrong.
Later, Ghostpaw overhears Rainbowstar talking to her mentor about her becoming a warrior. She hears him say that her warrior name will be Ghostlight, Sorrowpaw's will be Sorrowmoon, and Fallenpaw's will be Fallensparks.


"And RubyClan is doing fine! Except SapphireClan beat us in a fight! Our medicine cat is healing cats that are hurt from the fight!"
—Rainbowstar at the gathering Hidden Prophecies, chapter 4

"Prey is looking good, and one of our queens, Reflectionsoul, had some kits. They are called Vengeancekit and Saltkit. That is all."
—Rainbowstar announcing the birth of Vengeancekit and Saltkit Hidden Prophecies, chapter 9

"What is wrong?"
—Rainbowstar asking the apprentices why they are scared Ruby Ghosts, chapter 1

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