Prophecies and Omens are dreams and signs given by StarClan to leaders, medicine cats, and sometimes to other Clan members as well, to foretell the future and warn them about incoming events.


Starkit's ProphecyEdit

Stars Will ComeEdit

Prophecy: "Out of the darkness, stars will come and get rid of the evil tiger and holly."[1]
Sign: Message from a pool in StarClan[2]
Interpreter: Bluestar
Meaning: Stargleam would destroy the leaders of SatanClan, Tigerkit and Hollyleaf. Stargleam for a long while mistakes the "tiger" in the prophecy to be Tigerstar.[3]

Dark ThroatsEdit

Prophecy: "There are dark throats in the forest."[4]
Sign: Message from Fallen Leaves to Gleamstar[5]
Interpreter: Fallen Leaves and Gleamstar
Meaning: There are still cats among the clans who don't believe in StarClan; the Dark Forest is taking over the cats' minds and using Cloudtail and Mothwing to help them. In order to prevent this, Gleamstar must start a war with the Dark Forest.[6]

Hidden PropheciesEdit

One Will Follow FiveEdit

Prophecy: "One will follow five, thus six will come anew. When four fall down, left will be two. The rest shall destroy all else on the landing. Until only one cat is left standing."[7]
Sign: Message from StarClan[8]
Interpreter: Tranquilpaw and Moonpaw
Meaning: Unknown, but Daydreamheart tells Moonpaw that it will affect her destiny and that she must remember it and keep it in mind.[9]

You Are the Chosen OneEdit

Prophecy: "Moonpaw! You are the chosen one!"[10]
Sign: Rays of light shining on Moonpaw before she recieves the message from StarClan[11]
Interpreter: Moonpaw
Meaning: Moonpaw believes it to be saying that the previous prophecy, "One Will Follow Five", is about her.[12]

Your True ColorsEdit

Prophecy: "It is time to show your true colours, because they are those of enemies!"[13]
Sign: Message sent by Screepaw in a dream[14]
Interpreter: Tranquildream
Meaning: Badgers would attack the SapphireClan camp. The prophecy refers to Tranquildream being black and white like the badgers.[15]

The Sunshine PropheciesEdit

The Sunshine Will Fly OffEdit

Prophecy: "The sunshine will fly off, and the lunar eclipse will rise and be dreaded. The sunrise shall die."

Sign: Message gotten by Leafsoul and Pinkshy.

Interpreter: Probably Sunshinewhisperer

Meaning: Sunshinewhisperer will grow wings, and fly away. Lunartriton and Dreadedhaze will help him defeat an unknown evil thing. Sunrisestar, their father, will die.

References and CitationsEdit