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Rules for featuringEdit

A fanfiction can be featured on the wiki if:

1. It is Warrior Cats related.
2. It is a story you believe many would think it similar in some way to Starkit's Prophecy (AKA a Warrior Cats trollfic).

Featured FanfictionsEdit

Proposed FanfictionsEdit

If you would like to propose a fanfiction to be featured, please add the fanfiction into one of the bullets below with your signature after it to wait for confirmation by an admin. A comment is highly advised; please say why you think it would fit in this wiki. If the story looks somewhat normal, proof that it is meant to be a trollfic is highly encouraged, though 100% proof is not entirely needed. If you would like to propose the fanfiction to be removed from the wiki rather than featured, please say so in your comment.

  • The Begining

Comment: Horrid names, plot fail, and lack of shift key.Found here.

  • Kits Take Over

Comment: Kits running a Clan? I don't think so. Found here.


Fanfictions Being Voted OnEdit

If you wish to propose a vote please add your fanfiction into one of the bullet points above. A vote will go on for one week. If the number of yay votes are higher than the number of nay votes by the end of the week, the fanfiction will be accepted into the wiki (or removed if it a removal vote). If the number of yay votes are equal or lower than the number of nay votes, the fanfiction will not be accepted into the wiki.

  • The Sparkle Chronicles

Comment: Mary-Sue who wants to become leader with three toms fighting over her.Found here


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