Character articles in the Hidden Prophecies wiki must follow specific guidelines, they are listed below.



See: Hidden Prophecies Wiki/Character Infobox Guidelines


This is the start of the article which gives a brief overview of the character. This should explain their place in the story without giving out too many spoilers or major plot points.

Ex. Sunsetshine is a character in Hidden Prophecies, notable for their indistinguishable gender, which appears to switch back and fourth throughout the story. S/he has minor roles in the start of the story, and becomes a more major character in later chapters.

Physical AppearanceEdit

This is the section of the article that describes the character's physical traits such as fur color, eye color, etc. Please be as descriptive as possible in this section and use citations. If there is not much known about the character's appearance (ex. Randomfur is a brown she-cat with green eyes), you may put it in the description and exclude this section from the article.

Ex. Lilyblossom has infernal bright orange fur similar to a tiger lily, hence his name. One of his eyes is a sparkling saphire blue, while the other is black like death. One of his most distinguishable traits is that his eyes glow in rainbow colors when he's mad.

Personality and Other SectionsEdit

If the subject of the article has a considerable amount of information about them, another section titled "Personality" may be made with information about the character's personality. If there is important information about the character that does not fall in the personality section, nor the other listed sections, then another section can be made. For example, a "Powers" section for cats that have powers such as Lilyblossom, Stargleam, Moonshimmer, Gaysparkle etc., a "Relationships" section for cats that have had many relationships such as Lilyblossom, Gaysparkle, or Gleamstar, or a completely different section unique to the character such as "Gender Confusion" for Sunsetshine and "Multiple Personalities" for Phantom and Ancient.


The biggest section of the article, this is where the character's history is written. It should be written in present tense, and a subsection should be for each story the character appears in.


An optional section of the article, list interesting facts about the character that don't belong in other sections.


List all members of the character's family here. Their current status (whether they are living or dead), and if they are dead their post-death status, should be listed here too.


This section is to list quotes that the character has said. This is to represent parts of the character's personality or other important things about them. 5-6 is a good maximum.


If any name/rank-changing ceremony is seen in the fanfictions, they should be quoted here.


If there are any references/citations in the article (which there should be) add {{Reflist}} to the article under this header.