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Welcome to the Hidden Prophecies wiki, a wiki about Warrior Cats trollfics that anyone can edit!

Named so after the well known Warrior Cats fanfiction, "Hidden Prophecies", this wiki aims to be the best source of information about all Warriors trollfics and badfics, like the infamous, "Starkit's Prophecy".


As many will know, Starkit's Prophecy is a fanfiction very well known in the Warriors community. It has sparked great debate, receiving both love and hate alike. While more of these somewhat controversial writers appear in the warriors fanon, with them come a whole new array of stories. This wiki focuses on fanfictions similar to Starkit's prophecy due to the story's reception from the fandom. Please enjoy this Wiki! We have articles from the allegiances for The Sunshine Prophecies to the allegiances for Hidden Prophecies, from Cricketstep to Moonshinestar, from kawaii jellybeans to Starkit's Prophecy 2: The Two Siblings. ENJOY!

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Whether or not a fanfiction is featured in the wiki depends on a community vote and a few other rules. For more information about the fanfictions featured in this wiki or to suggest one yourself, click here. For information on how to format the articles click here.

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