Allegiances, as presented in the first page of Hidden Prophecies. Characters that are excluded from the Allegiances list, but appear in the book, are listed following the formal allegiances list.


Leader: Vanillastar, a cream-colored tom with blue eyes
Deputy: Sparklefur, a jet black she-cat with violet eyes
Medicine Cat: Startalon, a long-haired gray tom
(apprentice: Tranquilpaw)
Warriors: Talonclaw, a dark tabby tom with gray eyes and long, sharp claws
Sunsetshine, a ginger tabby she-cat with blue eyes
Mockingbirdheart, a stormy gray tom
(apprentice: Moonpaw)
Cursedheart, a black and white she-cat with green eyes
Thunderingbreeze, a broad-shouldered dark tabby tom
Webstream, a gray tabby
(apprentice: Screepaw)
Braveheart, a flame-colored tom with green eyes
Gazingflight, a silver she-cat
Beetlescar, a long-furred gray tom
Shadowseeker, a black tom
Glasswater, a pure white she-cat with blue eyes
(apprentice: Lilypaw)
Apprentices: Screepaw, a blue-gray tom with one black paw
Moonpaw, a beautiful white she-cat with a black crescent moon on her forehead and glistening violet eyes
Tranquilpaw, a black and white she-cat
Lilypaw, an orange tom with blue eyes
Queens: Goldenmask, a beautiful golden she-cat with green eyes
Mysteryheart, a black she-cat with blue eyes
Elders: Oddpelt, a calico tom-cat with one eye
Polarsong, an old gray she-cat with gray eyes
  • Lavenderstar and Daydreamheart appear in the Prologue of Hidden Prophecies but are not seen in the allegiances. This is because the allegiances show the state of the Clans at the very end of the Prologue.
  • Jasminedung, who is revealed to be a cat of SapphireClan in Chapter 9, is not seen in the allegiances. The reason for this is that Jasminedung is named after Jasmine, a reviewer on who said negative things about Hidden Prophecies. Tainted Purification put Jasmine in the story as a cat everyone hates to get back at her for the things she said.


Leader: Rainbowstar, a black tom with red paws
Deputy: Ambercrystal, an auburn she-cat with beautiful blue eyes
(apprentice: Sorrowpaw)
Medicine Cat: Almondfeather, a brown tabby she-cat
Warriors: Mallowbelly, a spotted tabby tom with blue eyes
Toadbrook, black tom
(apprentice: Ghostpaw)
Dewflight, a white she-cat with ginger flecks
Eagletooth, a white tom with sharp teeth
Rockwatcher, a brown tabby tom with a white underbelly
(apprentice: Fallenpaw)
Sneezenose, a tawny-colored she-cat
Bubbledusk, a cute black-and-white tom
Apprentices: Ghostpaw, a ghastly-looking white she-cat
Fallenpaw, a gray tabby tom
Sorrowpaw, an orange tabby she-cat
Queens: Reflectionsoul, a tabby she-cat with blue eyes
Elders: Treefoot, a lively old tom with blue eyes
Lilacflower, a brown she-cat with lilac-colored eyes
Cornerstone, a gray and white tom


Leader: Dragonstar, a strong black tom with green eyes
Deputy: Icybreath, a prickly gray tom
Medicine Cat: Blazingfox, a long-haired red tom
Warriors: Bleedinglove, a smoky gray tabby with red eyes.
Cleargaze, a white she-cat
(apprentice: Ivorypaw)
Icefrost, a gray flecked tom
Startwinkle, a black and white she-cat
(apprentice: Freezingpaw)
Mangledsoul, a white tom with black ears
Mournfulphantom, a long-haired red tabby she-cat
(apprentice: Serpentpaw)
Crimsonrose, a stunning white cat with orange tabby patches
Shiverhoot, a gray and white tom
Apprentices: Ivorypaw, an ivory colored she-cat with blue eyes
Serpentpaw, a ginger tom
Freezingpaw, a brown tabby she-cat
Queens: Snowinferno, a gorgeous tortoiseshell she-cat
Elders: Attackstrike, a one-eyed old calico tom
Tornadozephyr, a black and white tom


Leader: Nebulastar, a calico tom with blue eyes
Deputy: Snowflake, a puffy white she-cat with green eyes
Medicine Cat: Troubletail, a long-haired gray she-cat
(apprentice: Gaypaw)
Warriors: Hammerclaw, a dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes
(apprentice: Onyxpaw)
Shiningpower, a small ginger tabby she-cat
Phoenixwhisker, a fire-colored tom with green eyes
Ruinedspirit, a silver she-cat
(apprentice: Dancerpaw)
Terrorglare, a white and black tom
Witheringbones, a brown she-cat with blue eyes
(apprentice: Angelpaw)
Apprentices: Dancerpaw, a brown spotted she-cat
Onyxpaw, a black tom
Angelpaw, a white she-cat with a black muzzle
Gaypaw, a dusky brown tom with green eyes
Queens: Dazzlemoon, a spotted gray tabby she-cat
Sugarplumspirit, a brown tabby she-cat
Berrysonnet, a dappled golden she-cat
Elders: Windwalker, a brown-and-white tom


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