— Featherduster reveals who killed her in Wild Prophecies of Death, Chapter 4
Current: SparkleClan


Cause of Death
Cause of Death: Killed by Snowsong[2] (dream)
Warrior: Featherduster[3]
Apprentice: Snowsong


Living: Wild Prophecies of Death
Dead: Wild Prophecies of Death (dream)

Featherduster is a feathery-furred she-cat with blue eyes.[5] She is a warrior of SparkleClan in Wild Prophecies of Death.


Wild Prophecies of DeathEdit

Featherduster is first mentioned when it is explained that on the previous day she had caught her former apprentice, Snowsong, kissing the StoneClan leader, Waterstar. Because of this Snowsong was sent to work as an apprentice for three moons, and hates everyone in the clan.
The day after Moonkit - a kit of SparkleClan - is apprenticed, Lightstepfoot wakes up the clan yowling that three cats have been killed. To Moonpaw's shock she finds blood on her paws, and Lightstepfoot accuses her of being the killer. When she asks who were killed, Lightstepfoot tells her that Shallowpaw, Sunstar and Featherduster were. As the clan questions her, Moonpaw protests that she would not kill Featherduster or her parents because she loves them. However, with Snowsong's persuasion, Lightstepfoot decides to banish her when he becomes leader.
Later, the now-banished Moonpaw has a dream where she sees Featherduster and her parents in StarClan. She is shocked to see them, and they tell her that she did not kill them. Featherduster then reveals that Snowsong was the one who killed them.
Featherduster is last seen at Moonshine's leader ceremony. She smiles at her before giving her ten lives.
Much later, it is revealed that everything from Snowsong framing Moonpaw to him becoming leader of DarknessClan was a dream. Moonpaw wakes up to find every cat in SparkleClan dead, which presumably includes Featherduster.

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