"For your bravery in defeating zombie-zombie Jasminedung and parachuting out of a [hundred-story] window, I would like to give you your warrior name, Serpentpaw. From now on, you will be known as Serpentfoot. May StarClan make you a really good warrior, so you can be useful to EmeraldClan, or giving you your name wouldn't make any sense."
— Dragonstar giving Serpentpaw his warrior name in Hidden Prophecies, Chapter 12

Current: EmeraldClan[1]
Leader: Dragonstar[2]
Living: Hidden Prophecies

Dragonstar is a strong black tom with green eyes.[3] He is the leader of EmeraldClan in Hidden Prophecies.


Hidden PropheciesEdit

At a gathering, Dragonstar announces that EmeraldClan are doing fine. When the other leaders have finished talking, he is the one to conclude the gathering.
Darkpaw interrupts a later gathering with a huge dragon and an army of cats by his side. The dragon manages to kill one of Vanillastar's lives, but retreats alongside his master when Vanillastar renames Darkpaw Lillyblossom. Afterwards, Dragonstar says that they should get on with the gathering. He reports that one of their clan's warriors, Bleedinglove, was found dead in the camp the previous day, bleeding from his throat. He says they don't know what happened, but he believes Lilyblossom killed him. All of the clans 'boo' at the sound of Lilyblossom's name. A cat asks if they wont have anything to worry about now that Lilyblossom's gone. Dragonstar says "I guess", and then lets the cats talk under the sacred truce of StarClan.
When a giant black tower appears on EmeraldClan territory, Moonshimmer, a cat from SapphireClan, chooses a group of cats from her clan to go on a patrol to it, getting cats from all the clans to come and investigate it. EmeraldClan allows the cats to be on their territory, sending Mournfulphantom and Serpentpaw to join them. When the patrol returns to the EmeraldClan camp, Dragonstar asks the SapphireClan cats to stay. He then gives Serpentpaw his warrior name, Serpentfoot, for his bravery in defeating zombie-zombie Jasminedung and parachuting out of a hundred-story window. Dragonstar hopes that he will be a strong warrior, because otherwise giving him his warrior name wouldn't make any sense. Moonshimmer says that they have to go home, and she and Dragonstar exchange goodbyes.


Dragonstar: "Anyway, let us get on with the gathering! One of our warriors, Bleedinglove, was found dead in the camp yesterday. He was bleeding from his throat, and we don't know what happened. I bet it was Lilyblossom though!"
Ginger cat: "Well, now that he is gone, we have got nothing to worry about, right?"
Dragonstar: "I guess. Well, that is all. You are now free to chat under the sacred truce of StarClan."
—Dragonstar reporting Bleedinglove's death at the gathering Hidden Prophecies, Chapter 9

"Bye Moonshimmer!"
—Dragonstar giving Moonshimmer a farewell Hidden Prophecies, Chapter 12

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