— Dewflight over Littlepaw's death in Ruby Ghosts, Chapter 1

Current: RubyClan


Queen: Dewflight[2]
Warrior: Dewflight[3]
Mate: Bubbledusk
Daughter: Littlepaw
Sister: Reflectionsoul
Living: Hidden Prophecies
Ruby Ghosts

Dewflight is a white she-cat with ginger flecks.[4] She is a warrior and queen of RubyClan in Hidden Prophecies and Ruby Ghosts.


Hidden PropheciesEdit

Dewflight does not formally appear in Hidden Prophecies, but is listed in the allegiances.

Ruby GhostsEdit

Dewflight is first mentioned when Ghostpaw, Fallenpaw, and Sorrowpaw are looking for her daughter, Littlepaw in some dark woods. Sorrowpaw suggests they go back, and that Littlepaw is probably dead. Ghostpaw asks her how they would break the news to Bubbledusk and Dewflight, sarcastically coming up with a possible explanation they could give to Littlepaw's parents. She goes on to say it would look terrible to tell the clan that Littlepaw had died, and that they would all hate them.
When the three cats come rushing into the RubyClan camp terrified, Ghostpaw tells the clan that Littlepaw has died, and Dewflight screams "No!". It is revealed that Littlepaw is Dewflight's only kit, and that she cannot have anymore because she is old and it would be 'gross'. Fallenpaw expresses sympathy towards Dewflight, who continues to scream "No!", and Dewflights sister, Reflectionsoul, comes out of the queens' den to comfort her. It is noted that Dewflight's nieces and nephews are looking out of the den.


Dewflight - Copy

Dewflight as a warrior.


  • Despite Ruby Ghosts saying Dewflight is too old to have any more kits after Littlepaw, her sister Reflectionsoul has more kits after hers are apprenticed. This could suggest that Dewflight and Reflectionsoul are not from the same litter.




Bubbledusk:[5] Living (As of Ruby Ghosts Chapter 1)


Littlepaw:[6] Deceased, Residence Unknown


Reflectionsoul:[7] Living (As of Hidden Prophecies)


Ravenpaw:[8] Living (As of Ruby Ghosts Chapter 4)


Puckpaw[9] Living (As of Ruby Ghosts Chapter 2)

Niece(s) and/or Nephew(s)

Unidentified kits:[10] Status Unknown
Vengeancekit:[11] Living (As of Hidden Prophecies Chapter 9)
Saltkit:[12] Living (As of Hidden Prophecies Chapter 9)


"But how would we break that news to Bubbledusk and Dewflight! Ooops I am sorry but we lost Littlepaw and she got eaten by a monster in the woods?"
—Ghostpaw to Sorrowpaw about Littlepaw's suspected death Ruby Ghosts, Chapter 1

"Poor Dewflight!"
—Fallenpaw expresses sympathy towards Dewflight Ruby Ghosts, Chapter 1

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