"Thank StarClan you are all okay! We were very, very worried about you!"
— Cursedheart to Moonpaw, Screepaw and Tranquilpaw in Hidden Prophecies, Chapter 3

Current: SapphireClan[1]
Warrior: Cursedheart[2]
Living: Hidden Prophecies

Cursedheart is a black and white she-cat with green eyes.[3] She is a warrior of SapphireClan in Hidden Prophecies.


Hidden PropheciesEdit

When Sparklefur tells Sunsetshine to get a patrol of warriors to drive RubyClan off their territory, Cursedheart is one of the cats she instructs Sunsetshine to get. When Sunsetshine rushes off towards them, the group of cats are eating prey at the fresh-kill pile and sharing tongues. The warriors believe Sunsetshine has gone crazy and is trying to kill them, so they begin to get up quickly and leave, until Sunsetshine tells them he/she isn't. The cats, breathing heavily and glaring, tell Sunsetshine that he/she scared them. Sunsetshine, embarrassed, apologizes and explains why he/she has come to get them, saying that they must drive RubyClan away before they hurt someone.
It doesn't take the patrol long to find the RubyClan cats, who are hunting and eating SapphireClan prey. A furious Sunsetshine attacks one of the RubyClan cats who then rips Sunsetshine's belly open, causing a full blown battle between the two patrols. When the battle ends, many cats lie dead on the ground, however Cursedheart is not among them. When the injured patrol returns to camp, Vanillastar worriedly asks what happened. One of the warriors tells him to not be so upset, and says it was just a simple border fight. They then add that they should've listened to Moonpaw, who had suggested they talk to RubyClan first before fighting.
Later, when the DiamondClan leader, Nebulastar, comes to the SapphireClan camp to ask for help in fighting off RubyClan, Cursedheart is one of the warriors Moonpaw brings with her to help. When they reach DiamondClan territory, they find a dead cat lying on the ground. Moonpaw touches his flank with her nose and he comes back to life. Sunsetshine exclaims that Moonpaw is truly a special, wonderful, and pretty cat. Cursedheart agrees with him/her.
When Screepaw gets trapped underneath a tree in a storm, Moonpaw is the only one who will go with Tranquilpaw to help him. Screepaw dies, but Moonpaw brings him back to life with her powers. When the three cats return to camp, Cursedheart cheers and is very relieved to see them okay, telling them that the clan was very worried. Moonpaw, however, is angry at them for not coming to help Screepaw.
After SapphireClan is done repairing the damages done to their camp after a fire, Screepaw goes off to hunt with Sunsetshine, Mockingbirdheart, and Cursedheart. Vanillastar tells them to bring back good prey, and Cursedheart replies that they will.


Sunsetshine: "She truly is a special, wonderful and pretty cat."
Cursedheart: "Yes I agree with you."
—Sunsetshine and Cursedheart about Moonpaw Hidden Prophecies, Chapter 2

Vanillastar: "Bring back good prey!"
Cursedheart: "We will!"
—Cursedheart to Vanillastar about her hunting patrol Hidden Prophecies, Chapter 7

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