"One of our warriors, Bleedinglove, was found dead in the camp yesterday. He was bleeding from his throat, and we don't know what happened. I bet it was Lilyblossom though!"
Dragonstar reports Bleedinglove's death at the gathering in Hidden Prophecies, Chapter 9

Current: EmeraldClan[1]
Cause of Death
Cause of Death: Killed by badger(s)[2]
Warrior: Bleedinglove[3]
Living: Hidden Prophecies

Bleedinglove is a smoky gray tabby[4] tom[5] with red eyes.[6] He is a warrior of EmeraldClan in Hidden Prophecies.


Hidden PropheciesEdit

At the gathering, Dragonstar reports that one of their clan's warriors, Bleedinglove, was found dead in the camp the previous day, bleeding from his throat. He says they don't know what happened, but he believes Lilyblossom killed him. All of the clans 'boo' at the sound of Lilyblossom's name. A cat asks if they wont have anything to worry about now that Lilyblossom's gone. Dragonstar says "I guess", and then lets the cats talk under the sacred truce of StarClan.
It is later revealed that it was not Lillyblossom who killed Bleedinglove, but a badger. While a group of badgers are conspiring to take over the clan territories, one of the badgers tells their leader they are greatly outnumbered by the cats. Their leader replies that judging by how the cats reacted when the badgers killed one of their warriors, they will not last long because they will be too scared.


Badger: "But your majesty, we are greatly outnumbered by the cats. There are too many of them!"
Lead badger:"Yeah, but judging by how they reacted when we killed one of their warriors and left him in the camp, they will not last long. They will all be too scared!"
—The lead badger explains how the cats reacted to Bleedinglove's death Hidden Prophecies, Chapter 9

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