Current: SapphireClan[1]
Warrior: Beetlescar[2]
Apprentice(s): Mystic[3]
Living: Hidden Prophecies

Beetlescar is a long-furred gray tom.[4] He is a warrior of SapphireClan in Hidden Prophecies.


Hidden PropheciesEdit

Beetlescar is first mentioned when Goldenmask's and Mysteryheart's kits are apprenticed, Beetlescar is chosen by Vanillastar to mentor Mysticalpaw.
When a giant black tower appears on EmeraldClan territory, Beetlescar is one of the cats Moonshimmer chooses to go on a patrol to it. Cats from all the clans join the patrol, including Tranquildream's kit, Awsomekit. Moonshimmer believes that by going there they will finally be able to stop Phantom, Chocolaterain, Lilyblossom, and Ancient. By the time the reach the tower, it is almost moonhigh. The tower's doors open, and 'zombie-zombie' Jasminedung greets them, welcoming them to her castle, but is quickly killed by Rockwatcher. The castle is very well decorated and furnished, with a statue of a cat that looks like Jasminedung in the center of the entrance hallway.
The patrol travels up a long flight of stairs into the attic, where it is very dark. Jasminedung's disembodied voice tells them they will be stuck there, then closes and locks the door. Meanwhile, Sunsetshine has their kits; two toms and two she-cats. Gazingflight spots some paracute backpacks, and the cats use them to get safely out the window while carrying Sunsetshine's kits. Sunsetshine names their kits, and the cats disperse to their clans. Dragonstar however, asks the SapphireClan cats to stay in his territory, and gives Serpentpaw his warrior name, Serpentfoot. After the ceremony is over, the SapphireClan cats return to their clan.

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